Normally Another One Bites the Dust (AOBtD) takes place during the first weekend of July. At this point last year we would have never imagined to have to postpone the race again, but still here we are again… After extensive discussions we have decided to postpone AOBtD to august. So please, all write down Friday August 20th in your agendas, because at 8pm the bell will ring for the first lap of the race.

Now about how we came to this decision. At first sight it is possible to organise a race with 100 participants according to the Covid-19 measures that will be in place by then (as far as we know right now). Even the starting grid, in which all of the remaining participants gather at the top of each hour, can be perfectly managed “Covid-proof”.

However… for us as an organization, AOBtD is much more than a footrace. To Legends Trails AOBtD is the equivalent of the 4th of July. THE moment to honor our many unbelievably enthousiastic and loyal volunteers and put the in the spotlight by offering them a barbecue. Unfortunately, at this point it will likely not be possible to organize such a party begin July. Therefore, we think it is best to postpone, especially since we had to cancel the barbecue last year (and we were only able to organize a limited “Slam” edition”).

The signals we are receiving right now, tell us that starting July 30th outdoor events for up to 5000 people should be possible, as well as (wedding) parties and receptions up to 250 people, with possible further relaxations on August 13th.

Those numbers allow us to believe that we will be able to organize a full-fledged race starting August 20th with accompanying barbecue (the bbq itself will take place August 21th) under the then applicable Covid-19 measures. We will do anything within our powers to make that happen.

The registration for the race will open on Sunday June 6th at 7pm through  and our volunteers will receive an e-mail with more details regarding the barbecue soon.

We hope to all meet you at the racing site and you cannot believe how much we look forward to see you all again after this remarkable period!

See you then, The Legends Trails Team

Do you have what it takes to drive yourself to your limits?

Everybody is expected at the starting line for a loop of 5.959km which you have to complete in maximum 1h. Each subsequent hour, in order to stay in the race, you have to be at the starting line again on the hour. If you’re not in time at the starting line, you have a DNF. You can’t start earlier, so each hour, you can only do one loop.

The race continues until only one runner presents himself or herself at the starting line for another loop. Of course, that runner will have to finish this last loop, or he/she will also receive a DNF

To make things a little easier, you will get a (DNF) medal if you successfully complete at least 100 Miles/28 Loops (which also will count as a finish for The Legends Slam).